How does it work?



Register online, create your superhero profile and you're all set to choose your first mission. Made up your mind? Good – now it's time for action. Once you've finished being awesome,

participate in a mission and upload a video, a pic, and a few words to let everyone know what you've been up to,

then share it on YouTube and Facebook. Don't forget your other social media networks too to help spread the word. If your mission goes viral, you'll win Hero and Now points on our Superhero Leaderboard to make sure you get the props you deserve.

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Superhero Leaderboard

Our awareness counter adds up how many hits you generate on Facebook and YouTube, and ranks you according to your superheroism. The most active Hero and Now users will find themselves top of the Superhero Leaderboard.

Every time you complete a mission or share videos and pics with your friends, you win points. And every time someone likes your post or comments on it (and vice versa), you get even more points. Every point you win boosts your superpowers and gets you a higher ranking on our leaderboard. Once you get going, there'll be no stopping you – to infinity and beyond!