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Hero and Now makes it easy and fun to do good things. It's our mission to send a team of superheroes out into the world and infect it with positivity. If you want to be a Hero and Now superhero, read on...
Plant some flowers in that empty flowerbed, teach a pensioner how to surf the net, perk up the dole queue with a flask of hot coffee or do magictricks for the kids in the park. Then share your adventures with your friends online.


You can also nominate your friends via The HeroAndNow Nomination and challenge them to also participate in one of our missions. Neknomination was yesterday!


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If you've just about had it with all those endless clips of twerking kittens, moronic selfies and relentless hashtagging, you're not alone. Make all the pointless clicking and posting mean something – join Hero and Now and get to work! Get out and do something worthwhile (for yourself and for other people), have a whale of a time doing it, and then send your message out into the universe so people can follow your example. The more of us there are, the more effective our superpowers will be.
So get a move on and sign up for your very first mission!


Be generous - Be awesome - Be clean


"They say that I am a hero,

I am weak,

I am shy,

almost negligible.

If that is what I am 

and I did what I did,

imagine what you can do all together."


Mahatma Gandhi


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