HeroAndNow Nomination

What is the HeroAndNow Nomination?

The HeroAndNow Nomination is the Pay-It-Forward movie brought to life in a slightly different way.


Our aim is to kick off an avalanche of Acts of Kindness via personal nominations.

To do so the participants film themselves performing one of our missions, upload their footage on our website while nominating 3 of their friends to also accomplish a mission. The nominated friends then have 72 hours to complete the mission on their own and to nominate 3 additional friends…and so on


The HeroAndNow Nomination is somehow a counter movement to the popular neck and nominate, neknomination or neck nomination as the parameters of our social game require the participants to film themselves taking action and to challenge friends for a bit of meaningful engagement instead of only chugging down a beer.

So how does it work?
1. Participate in one of our missions

2. Upload your video to HeroAndNow – don´t forget to nominate 3 of your friends at the end of the video!
3. Share your video on the Facebook walls of the nominated friends by using the nomination button in your Hero profile.

The nominated friends then have 72 hours to accomplish one of our missions, to upload their proof video on HeroAndNow.org and to challenge three other friends to take action.

View an example nomination video

So let´s get started: Heroes do, others don´t! Choose a mission